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The ultimate, open-source X86 & X86-64 decoder/disassembler library.

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We spent countless days reading manuals and comparing our outputs against other libs. While hard to benchmark, we're confident that our output is one of the most correct in the industry.


The library supports all ISA extensions from both Intel and AMD. If you find something that is implemented in existing or upcoming hardware but not supported by Zydis, thats a .

Fast AF

Compared against other open-source disassembler libraries with comparable ISA support, it's one of the faster ones around. Especially when decoding only (no formatting).

Zero Dependencies (no LibC)

Zydis comes with absolutely no dependencies, making it a perfect candidate not only for user-mode code, but also for kernel drivers and exotic build environments like UEFI.

Lots Of Information

There is advanced information for each and every instruction. For example, it provides information on what registers and flags are accessed in what way and the byte offsets of individual fragments of the instruction.

Small File Size

We're oldschool, we like small binaries. With support for all ISA extensions compiled in, the complete library is about 300KB in size.


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